The Chop is a free printed magazine/concert calendar which focuses on the live, independent music scene in Berlin.

The Chop #20 - November 2017


Hey Chop Fam,

I usually just use this space to bullshit a bit, make lame jokes, and encourage you to come check out our shows. But inspired by all of the brave people coming forward this month, I would like to talk instead about something a little more serious and close to our hearts.

The little bubble we occupy in Berlin can often seem like a bastion for likeminded, leftwing altruists. But in reality the hierarchical nature of the music and arts scene makes it a great place for predatory people in positions of power to exploit those with less social capital. Abuses of power come in all shapes and sizes, it’s not just lunatics in asher trench coats groping girls late at night on the u-bahn. Letting mi- croaggressions in your community slide also sends a message to the worst people that it’s okay to be awful. It’s important to remember some pieces of shit wear quirky glasses and play cool indie music. Keep your eyes peeled for these slimy fucks. If you see something and it seems safe for you to do so, please say something. If you’re ever at a Chop show and you feel unsafe talk to the person at the door, we have a zero creep policy and are not uncomfortable taking action.

That being said these issues involve a lot more than just exposing others, they also require a certain amount of self re ection. For example, I’ve been shitty and misogy- nistic a lot in my adult life. To all of the women I’ve ever been an asshole to, I’m so sorry. Words can’t really make amends for being an asshole, but you can try to be less of one and take note of the oppressive systems your privilege encourages you to play into. Let’s do that.

Stay weird, but don’t be a creep,


P.S. Just realized this is the 20th Chop we’ve printed. Thanks for reading, double thanks to anyone who has contributed, and inexpressible gratitude to those who work on The Chop with me every month.