The Chop is a free printed magazine/concert calendar which focuses on the live, independent music scene in Berlin.

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Neglected Essentials #7 – September issue

Some of the best cuts from bands present at the Off-Kultur Festival along with some exclusive new songs from our featured bands Girlie & Pigeon. Tracks followed by the * symbol come from local bands or artists. Girlie - Girlie...

The Chop #5

Your Chop #5 is available online, otherwise freshly distributed in these different choppy spots in Berlin.

The Chop #4

Our May issue is now online for your personal pleasure after clicking here!

Cranky Booking presents : The Chop #4 ft. Kala Brisella & Highest Sea

Save the date, come get your copy and enjoy two of our favorite local bands at Schokoladen, Mitte on April 28th at 7PM. More infos here.

The Chop #2

The Chop #2 is now available online, click here for reading and/or downloading it for free !

Neglected Essentials #1 - February 2016

Some of the best cuts from bands on this month’s calendar along with some suggested songs by Gurr ($). Tracks followed by the * symbol come from local bands or artists. Gurr - Ode to Oatmeal * Teen - Electric $ Tronics - The Other Man $ T. Rex - Baby Strange $ Islaja - Siren Call * Gun Outfit - Leg...

The Chop Fundraiser Party

Friday January 15th at Antje Oeklesund 9pm – FB Event. Come break all of your new years resolutions next friday at Antje Öklesund for our fundraiser party. You will also be helping us fund our first issue of The Chop! Live performances from Slow Steve and Tendre Biche + DJ sets by Fenster, Future S...

The Chop #3 release party

We just picked up 750 copies of The Chop #3 ! List of locations where you can get will be updated in the next days. Meanwhile, make sure to grab a copy tomorrow at Antje Öklesund !